Proposals for Establishment of Int'l Youth CEOs Business Start-up Club
Poet/Publisher Kah Jae Mo  |  jaemokah@daum.net
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Kah JaeMo, Poet/Publisher

Proposals for Establishment of Int'l Youth CEOs Business Start-up Club

by Kah JaeMO

Dear Sirs,

First of all please accept my best wishes for your continued health, prosperity and success in this year.


It is our great honor and privilege to extend heartfelt thanks for your valuable time sharing to exchange points of views on establishment of International Youth CEOs Start-up Club as soon as possible.


First, considering that ever-increasing numbers of unemployment throughout the world, His Excellency Khaltmaa Battulga, President of Mongolia has been interested in Smart Cities, Smart Farm, Advanced International Free Zones, Start-up Business for the youth and has proposed some world leaderships to establish jointly Youth Business Councils between Mongolia and foreign countries in due course in the future.


Second, noting that "Globalization 4.0 should be much more human-centered," Klaus Schwab Davos, president of the Forum, We should not leave behind any more people, "emphasizing the importance of humans, the environment and youth. This year's theme is 'Globalization 4.0, Globalization Structure in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution'. The artificial intelligence (AI) and robots will discuss mass unemployment, human alienation, and environmental issues that may arise during the fourth industrial revolution era. It is an attempt to enhance access to a more 'common' world.


Third, considering that for the first time this year, Davos Forum selected six out of seven co-chairs in less than thirties. Nora Burrow, who served as the UN's youth president in Switzerland, Julia Ruscom, who runs the food bank of the United States, and Mohamed Hassan, Kenya's refugee camp chairman, are also co-chairpersons. "We have to listen to young people's voices," Schwab said.


Fourth, taking into account that the Davos Forum discusses the reality of difficult youth with UNICEF. According to UNICEF, 71 million young people around the world have no jobs, 150 million people live on less than $ 3 a day, and 200 million young people do not attend school. The Davos Forum and UNICEF surveyed 10,000 people in under-35s in 164 countries last December, with the most important being job (35 percent) and education (26 percent).


On this occasion, every government has his own long-term national strategies and action plans to bring about good roads, good water, hospitality, homes, quality education, fight against hunger and poverty in the society and ensure the right to living to all poor, orphans and less privilege ones making his country a better place for all mankind.

It is hoped that we will do our best for our works effectively as to serve the people with their heart bringing development to the society thereby contributing to the progress of the society also creating ideals in creating job vacancy to all unemployed youth.


We are cordially requested to provide them with our development experiences, optimal solutions and strategies based on Korean abundant industry and high technology and know-how experienced and accumulated in Korea.


Therefore, we will actively and faithfully carry out our tasks with smoothly adjustments between the environment and the enterprise in the mutual growth and win-win development strategy between Republic of Korea and developing countries.


To accomplish this, our priority tasks and the target Action Plans should be selected and the specific environment, level and conditions are jointly reviewed and analyzed in order to solve the problems in their countries.


We will mobilize human, material resources and technology and resources of its own country and other countries in a convergent way and will play a pivotal role of international coordination for solving problems based on close international cooperation.


As you know young people can not solve their survival problems by themselves and have no ability to solve unemployment and housing problems themselves.


At this moment, we will give them our strong commitments to help poor neighbors enjoy small happiness with international social responsibility, help socially disadvantaged people based on the indiscriminated spirit and hunger measures with international love sharing in their lives.


We have informed and introduced Korean companies by myself, Kah JaeMo, former Senior Vice President of Global Business Center, KT to foreign Embassies in Korea and international organizations as follows;

(1) Clean Air and Energy: 1) Carbon Fiber Heating products such as heating boards, pads, films, light frames, picture frames, mats, blankets, vests, developed by Daehwan Energy Co., Ltd, replacing old type of stoves using coal in Mongolia and China, 2) Energy Storage System developed by Woo Jung T.M.S. Co., Ltd. 3) Super Capacitor & Hybrid Stand-alone Solar Energy Storage System developed by Kyung Il Green Tech Co., Ltd, 4) E-nom developed by Item Heaven Inc. as a total solution for reduction of pollution and noise and saving energy, 5) Solar Power System developed by Dabin E & C(MISOENG), 6) ORC Power Generator distributed by HNC at low temperature heating source just like using industry waste, bio mess, solar thermal. geothermal and sewage sludge incinerator.

(2) Agricultural Mechanization and Fertilizer: 1) KEUNSON developed by SATURN Bio Tech. Co., Ltd. as worldwide provider of water-soluble silicate fertilizer 2) Distribution of Korean second hand agricultural and manufacturing machines with Korean young people, 3) Dust Keeper for prevention of desertification and Promotion of Seed Industries just like Korean Acasia seeds, Arrow vines and Pig potato in desert area with mixture of fertilizer using cattle's internal organs and field seeds.


(3) Provision of Clean Water and Digging ground wells in African Continent and Free Operation for the Heart Disease Children in Korean hospitals.


(4) Establishment and Operation of Medical Checkup Center in developing countries


It is hoped that we will cooperate with all the Korean companies in society to raise our love thermometer with one accord and to spread our dreams.


Your continued cooperation in jointly establishment of Youth Business Start-up Club will be highly appreciated.


Sincerely yours,

Kah JaeMo


For your information [Kah Jae Mo]: Former Senior Vice President of Global Business Center, KT and currently Auditor General, Seoul University of Foreign Studies, Publisher of eseoulpost.net and Korean Poet.


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Home: 107-103, Park Habio, Munjeong-dogn, Songpa-daero 111, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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